School Children are Being Exposed to Sex' Workers who Publicly Offer their Services in Towns

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The rate at which night girls are looking for money is alarming, mostly in Kilimani, Nairobi county posters are displayed everywhere showing how they offer massage services and the young children keep asking their parents what they need.

On the posters where these random girls expose the services they offer and term it as massage, the whole hidden thing is just a phone call away and to make it worse police officers know what takes place but choose to take something little from them keeping the dirty business thriving.

Many night girls chose to leave nightclubs and are currently inviting their male clients into their houses which many children see and might bring a negative attitude in their growing. Some private syndicates have also launched brothels where women are taken to one room and male clients are invited to have their services, the girls are blocked from leaving the premises and are only given one-off day in a month.

In Kenya, it is still illegal for one to gain from such syndicates and as the matters are, the business seems to thrive day in and day out, small children are vulnerable because they are brought exposed to the act at a very tender age.

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