My Friend’s Mother Found A New Born Baby Kganya Abandoned Near A Construction Site

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Taking to social media to reveal the discovery of a newborn infant abandoned by its Maiden mother and their want to assist, "My friend's mother found a new born baby Kganya in abandoned near a building site," the lady wrote. 

As a result of the rain, she was unconscious, despite being covered in a blue medical plastic sheet. And now that they've been caring for her, they're starting to wonder if they've been doing the right thing. Since it's illegal to abandon a child, it's unlikely that his or her mother will step up and claim the child, as there are many adoption possibilities available. 

She is now 11 weeks old and has no recollection of her prior mother, and many people have shown support on social media because some individuals would not truly pay the baby and your attention, which is a major concern. 

Following an evaluation by social workers and a hospital, she was granted the right to care for the infant. It's wonderful that we have women who have such big hearts and are willing to devote their free time to caring for the children of moms who have abandoned their newborns. 

We must remember that it takes a community to raise a child, so we must not take this lightly and we must also be encouraged to do a lot more in terms of ensuring that we have such philanthropic activities. 

This is an excellent example of how philanthropy doesn't have to come in the form of money; it can also come in the form of assuming responsibility for something for someone who is not related to you.


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