Why Ruto's Camp Could be in Dilemma if Mudavadi Declares His Support For Him

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Kenyans are expected to vote for their fifth president this year in the month of August.This means that we have less than seven months to the election day.Those who are vying for different seats are already in the public to popularize themselves with the voters and elaborate their manifestos to the Kenyan voters.

Every politician who is yearning to win a political seat come August 9th,he/she has set strategies that will make him/her emerge a winner in an easy way.Those who are vying as MCAs,MPs,women reps,governors,senators and president are trying to woo the Kenyan voters to vote for them come August 9th this year.

There are those who have declared publicly their interests in vying for the presidential seat.Among these ones are:Mr Odinga,Mr Musalia Mudavadi,Mr Ruto and others.Though the race to the state house seemed to be a two-horse race,the OKA coalition has come out saying that they will also shake the political atmosphere too.

One of the OKA principals Mr Musalia Mudavadi has kept us waiting when he said that he has a mega announcement to make on 23rd this month.Every Kenyan citizen is alert and set to hear what Musalia Mudavadi will have to say on this great day.

The deputy president William Ruto has been heard several times begging the OKA principals to support his bid for presidency without success.The OKA principals insists that they will be on the presidential ballot paper come August 9th.If Mr Musalia Mudavadi makes a big u-turn and decides to support Ruto's bid for presidency,then this throws the deputy president in a pit of dilemma.

There have been calls from the Mt Kenya region,that Ruto should choose a running mate from the region.If Musalia Mudavadi joins Ruto then the automatic space for him in Ruto's camp is to become the second in command after the August elections.Who will Ruto choose between Mudavadi and that politician that Ruto has been eyeing from the Mt Kenya region to choose as his running mate so that he secures his votes in the region?This is the big dilemma that might befall Ruto if Musalia Mudavadi will support his bid for presidency.

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