Side Effects of Eating Meats In Excess

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Meats are important aspects of our diet and they are supposed to be taken in good quantities but I have found out that a lot of people have this common habit of abusing their foods even meat have been found to be abused sometimes.

So in this article, I am here to tell you some of the side effects you might face by eating meats in excess.

1. You will feel really tired and sluggish

When you body consumes a large amount of meat, it takes a lot of time to process and lot of energy from the body. Due to this serious stress on your digestive health, you might start to feel tired, sluggish and sleepy.

Some meats such as beef and turkey contain a compound known as melatonin that regulated sleep in the body of humans.

2. Your digestion might suffer from lack of fiber

Taking in a lot of meats and losing out on other forms of foods might lead to your digestive system lacking fiber in it. You might find yourself feeling bloated, constipation or even diarrhea.

3. You may feel dehydrated from processing all that protein

Taking in a lot of protein in your body might lead to dehydration. This is because processing of all those protein could take a lot of water from your system which might result to this.

4. It could increase your chances of suffering from certain diseases.

Taking in a lot of meats could result to either certain types of cancer or cardiovascular diseases. This is also caused when you take a lot of processed meats in the name of enjoyment.


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