Reactions After Bishop Tells Ruto It's Not A Must For A Leader To Ask For Forginess But Can Do This

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Kenyans have expressed different reactions after a Bishop from Embu County, where Deputy President Dr William Ruto was worshipping today before he makes his campaigns in Mount Kenya East region, told the second in command that it is not a must for a leader to ask for forgiveness in public as Ruto did on Thursday.

Speaking during the Church Service was he was administering the word of God as quoted by Channel 7 news, the Bishop said that although it is good to ask for forgiveness as Deputy President Dr William Ruto did during the National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi, it is not a must because sometimes the forgiveness may not be given to him instead he can just make peace with his opponents, by asking God to forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.

Video link: This statement has elicited many reactions from Kenyans where the supporters of Deputy President Dr William Ruto, have fired back at the Bishop saying it is ridiculous for a man of God to say someone should not apologize. They argued that no one is perfect hence Ruto also makes mistakes and it is good to ask for forgiveness. While others who seemed to be the supporters Azimio leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta, have backed the Bishop statement arguing that Ruto is a hypocrite since he asks for forgiveness and later goes ahead to repeat the same mistakes while he is campaigning.

Here are some of their reactions on Facebook:

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