Ewes Explain The Origin of Kete/Kente


Ghana month serves as a month to unite us all. We thus mark this month by tracing back to our roots. The recent textbook issues about textbooks having demeaning contents in them also led to discussions about the origin of Kente and Kete.

As known, Ewes refer to their woven cloth as Kete, whiles the Akans call their Kente. The subject of discussion between the two groups is now what the true origin of Kente/Kete is, and this is the various opinions poured in by various people.

In the civil discussion, one user made the statement with the explanation above that the Ewes did it first, implying the weaving of "Kete" which is also called "Kente". He explains the etymology of which the Kete was derived stating that the spreading and separating the warp threads on the loom is referred to as "ke" and then the followed action of packing or tightening the threads by hand action referred to as "te", thus both terms combining to form Kete.

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