Bye Bye Brian, Top Kenyan Television Network Investigative Journalist Calls It Quits After 6 Years

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Kenya Television Network (KTN) News’s top-rated investigative reporter has called it quits.

Brian Obuya announced his resignation after over five years with the station on Friday, September 3.

“I have today left KTN News after a fruitful six years. Thank you for being a great audience and big motivation. See you soon,” Obuya stated.

In a farewell message to his colleagues at KTN, Obuya thanked them for helping him to grow into a fully-baked investigative journalist.

“I take this opportunity to thank you all. It has been five years full of learning experiences for the work we have done and even what we plan to do,” he remarked.

He added, “today (Friday) has been my last day here at Standard Group. I’m leaving a better and more experienced person than when I joined.”

Obuya through some of his well-researched exposés revealed unknown details that turned heads.

He once did a short investigative report on how Kenyan employees conspired to frame their Chinese employer for physical assault at the workplace.

A clip of the Chinese flogging an employee had emerged and caused an uproar on social sites; but there was much more to it.

He also did an investigation into Kenya’s largest but silent threat to education, “Inside Kenya’s piracy world right at the heart of the capital city; Nairobi.”

Additionally, he also did a story on police excesses. An example of how Kenyan police torture suspects some of whom are later killed or disappear, never to be seen again.

Although he has announced his departure from KTN News his next move is not yet known.

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