PDP Congress: Day After Crisis Rocks Kaduna Venue, Armed Thugs Caught In Osogbo Ahead Of SW Congress


As 2023 which is the next year of general elections in Nigeria is drawing closer, political parties and individuals who will be taking part in the polls are putting round pegs in round holes ahead of the political battles.

Talking about preparing for the political challenges ahead of the general elections, the two major political parties in the country are so far, living up to the expectations.

While the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is revalidating the membership of old members, as well as registering and accepting new members into the fold, PDP is currently holding zonal congresses with hope to elect new leadership of the party at zonal levels.

Despite the expected gains of these early preparation by these political parties, crisis which always militate against preparations of all kinds is characterizing the ongoing zonal congresses of the People's Democratic Party.

For instance, the North West Congress of the party which was slated to take place yesterday in Kaduna was disrupted by hoodlums who hijacked the process, and beat up some people up in the process.

As seen in the emerging photos from the Kaduna venue of the party congress, voting materials and other belongings of the party were destroyed in the process.

Just a day after the ugly incident in Kaduna state, a similar situation has been recorded in Osogbo, the Osun state capital where the South West version of the PDP congress is to take place tomorrow Monday, 12th of April 2021.

As reported by Sahara Reporters, armed thugs numbering about 10 were today arrested by security agents in Osogbo ahead of the congress that is to take place tomorrow.

The news agency reported that, the hoodlums which were caught with different type of rifles as well as other dangerous weapons were said to be members of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

A coding to the report, the thugs whose aim is to disrupt the PDP meeting in the state tomorrow, were sent from Oyo state by some politicians within the party to do the damage in Oshun state before they were arrested by the security agents. Below are some photos of the arrested PDP thugs:

Yes, crisis cannot be completely ruled out of any political party since such organization also comprises human beings just like every other organization around, but the rate at which PDP is attacking itself is becoming worrisome by the day.

An opposition party that is planning to arrest power from a ruling political party, such behavior should not be allowed to ruin any of her gatherings. If this continues and their house is not in order, they may lose several elections to a more serious party like the APC in 2023 again.


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