Amberay Intrigues Her Fans By Showing A Spiritual Side Of Her Life By Giving Bible Oriented Advice


Amberay took to her insta stories, some spiritual inspirations showing a spiritual side of her that many people never knew existed.

She posted some hill songs and captioned with some bible oriented captions something that is very new to her followers.

This controversial side of the usual Amberay spoke about God and how he has been faithful to her. She narrated that her happiness comes from knowing that God has carried all her burdens and that she is a free soul.

"Sometimes when i think what God has dome,in my life it gives me chills. And no, my life is not perfect like it may seem but when yiu accept God in yourself,you get so much peace even your struggles...thats why you will always see me happy, it is all because of who is in me"

" I wish all of you can try to know God on your own without relying on anyone's perception. Yani you will be shocked how amazing and understanding he is and just like that all your burdens disappear."

I dont know about you but i am in love with this other version of Amberay. What do you think guys? Leave us a comment and lets us know what you think about this article.