Actress Moyo Lawal said Talent got her into the Movie Industry not her looks.

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Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal said her talent got her into the movie industry, not her looks, and physique. she revealed she has been called silly names in the past but that didn't make her feel insecure.

The beautiful actress revealed in an interview with Saturday Beats in quotes" I started acting when I was not voluptuous, I grew into this shape. My looks did not help me get into the movie industry, my charisma did the trick. I was also very shy and my glasses made me look awkward those days. I have always had the shape. It was not as pronounced as it is now, but I will say I have been lucky.

Whenever I went for auditions I always got picked, my talents helped me too and people were nice to me, I believe it was God at work, I enjoy my body and I do not have any issues with it, it has helped me stay in the news without doing anything bad, I celebrate myself and I'm thankful.

I have been insulted and called names but I have outgrown all those insecurities. God gave me this body and I can't do anything about it" 

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