Lesson All Teachers Should Learn From The Death Of Samuel Paty Who was Beheaded For His Teaching.

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A 13 years old girl who accused her teacher for telling her to leave the class had confessed, she said she lied against the teacher.

She told her father she was suspended from school for 2 days because her teacher told all Muslim students to leave the class but she refused which lead to her being suspended.

She told her father, the teacher show satirical cartoon of prophet Muhammed. Her father was furious and launched online campaign with video accusing Paty of Islamophobia.

So many people saw that video and were not happy about what Paty did, one particular person that could not take what Paty did was 18 years old Abdullakh Anzorov, he stalked Paty and beheaded him around the school just 10 days after the girl's father made the video, Anzorov was shot and kill by the France police.

Samuel Paty 47, was a History and Geography teacher and on that particular day he was teaching about freedom of expression. .

The girl and her father had been arrested and charged. The girl was charged for Slander while her father was charged for complicit in a terrorist killing.

The lesson here is:

1. As a teacher, be mindful about the type of illustration they used in the class, some students are religious fanatics. So teachers should deviate from using such as an example in the class.

2. Teachers should know the type of students they have in the class and know the ones that are sensitive to some topics.

3. Teachers should be observant to students body language. This is to see when some students are not comfortable with the topic or the illustration being used.

Share your thoughts and how do you think teachers and students relationship can be improved. Do you think her father's video is the catalyst for the death of Samuel Paty. Comment, share and like.

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