Kenya Ni Ya Wenyewe!! Kenyans React After Grace Wakhungu's Family Raises 500 Million in 2 hours


On Thursday 25th June, The unexpected in Kenyan history was done after a court in Kenya fined graft cases convicts with a fine more than a billion shillings or serve a sentence of 67 years in jail. The fine is one the biggest ever in Kenyan history ever given to a single person.

However, a popular Blogger Robert Alai has come out to claim that the fine given to one Grace Wakhungu is already half paid. Interestingly is the period of time the money was collected. When I say half the fine I mean more than if not Ksh. 500 million. The 67 year old woman was slapped a fine of Ksh. 1 Billion and as it looks she will walk free by the end of this week.

Many kenyans have been left wondering how one can collect such a big sum of money in two hours. Grace Wakhungu is a very powerful woman with connections everywhere mostly from family members given that she is the sister to former Vice President of Kenya.

Grace Wakhungu is also the mother to former Cabinet Secretary of Environment and now the Ambassador of Kenya To France and by look of terms she has some good money. The said woman is also the sister to former owner of Makini Group of schools which was sold at a price is more than Ksh. 1 Billion recently.

Grace Wakhungu is also the aunt to the CEO Absa Bank and also a sister to Denis Awori the former Ambassador of Kenya To Japan. She also have sisters and brothers in Uganda who are very powerful and with this big connections raising the Billion Shillings would be nothing to her and we would not be amazed if she would walk free this week.

Here is what Kenyans said after learning that the family had raised more than ksh.500 million: