Check Out Recent Picture Of Man Who Planted A Diamond Worth 24million Dollars On His Forehead


America is a home of different kind of people with different kind of mentality. A country where someone can just wake up and decide to transform himself or herself to monster or alien.

In recent times we have seen a lot of people with different body modification, many of them saying they are just trying to look unique. But most times this new look tends to hear scary and weird

In this article, I bring you to the story of America rapper named "Lil uzy vert" Lil uzy is one our of few who just want to be different in this world

Earlier this year Lil uzy vert inserted a diamond worth 24million dollars on his forehead just to look different. According to him he said

"I just wanna look unique and also be the one to have the most expensive head in the word"

This shows that man could go any length for fame and wealth.

Check out recent pictures of Lil uzy

Source: Instagram

Wow.. This is so unbelievable, spending that kind of wealth just to put a diamond on your head!

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