Racheal Ruto Breaks Silence After Receiving Heroic Welcome In Transnzoia, Passes A Strong Message

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Deputy's Wife Racheal Ruto has been vigorously campaigning for his husband William Ruto ahead of the coming general election.

Today she was in Transnzoia where she was welcomed by a huge crowd of residents who assured her of their support. Speaking after the meeting she claims that women are so crucial of quality of final commodities produced in manufacturing are often, under resourced and underpresented with limited roles that prevent them from reaping maximum benefits from the most profitable part of the value chain.

"Through Joyful Women Organization, women are making most of their contribution to the sector by taking the advantage of the access to the training and capital," She said.

She promised that women will be recognized once deputy president William Ruto becomes the president of the republic of Kenya.

Below are some of photos taken during the event.

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