DP Ruto Hints Amount of Money He Gives as Handout, Reveals What He Did to Woman Who Sold Him Maize


Deputy President William Ruto met with Machakos traders and as expected he promised to support them financially.

Ruto revealed he met more than 200 traders from the area and promised to give cash donations to boost their businesses.

DP Ruto hinted on the amount that each trader who had attended the meeting would receive while saying this will be the last year he is dishing money from his own pockets.

According to the DP, each trader is allegedly expected to receive Sh5,000 as he said from next year, he expects the government to set aside funds that will be used to assist “Hustlers”.

“Today we are going to give you money that will boost your business. But from next year we will not be calling you here to give you Sh5,000 each. That is a small amount. From next year we want to give you Sh20,000 or Sh50,000 from the government,” said Ruto.

The deputy president also revealed that after meeting Elizabeth Mueni, a maize seller in Machakos last month and offered to support her business, he, Ruto, wanted to help other traders who are like Elizabeth.

The DP said he talked with Elizabeth and the area politicians and they organized today’s meeting to help other traders.

Ruto during the meeting spoke about how he met Elizabeth when he stopped by the roadside and wanted to purchase maize.

The DP later on invited Elizabeth to his official residence in Karen, Nairobi where they discussed about her business and family as Ruto revealed how he pledged to support her business and also offered to pay her child’s school fees.

“The last time I was here I met Elizabeth, she was selling maize and I wanted to buy. We talked then later on we became friends after seeing how hardworking she is. We met and she explained she has a little debt. I offered to support her and also take her child to school,” added Ruto.

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