You Have Been Washing Bath Towels Wrongly, This Is The Correct Way

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A body towel is a piece of clothing that is used in drying the body once someone has finished bathing or swimming. It is one of the essential commodities a person should poses because of its special purpose.

Many people however do not know the correct way of washing body towels. The majority of people usually soak it in water, clean it with soap, and hung it outside in the sunshine waiting for it to dry up. Others usually hang it in the bathroom and leave it there until when it drys up.

According to the Daily Star, there is a correct way of cleaning your towel that you should consider if you want it to last longer. Many people do not own a washing machine therefore they should follow these simple ways of washing their bath towels somas to avoid them feeling hard, and crunchy, they should be fluffy.

First, towels should be washed in a big basin where there is enough room for breathing space and circulation. The big room allows you to rinse them properly and fluffed them up properly. If the space is small, you will end up with a clumped together heap where moisture pockets will be many leading to scratchy and stiff towels.

The towel should be washed separately from other clothes. This stops them from picking up any different colored fibers from the clothing. Same way, you should avoid silicone-based fabric softeners.

Bath towels should also be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees. Higher temperatures can cause them to wear out too quickly. To remove oils and bacteria, 60 degrees is recommended.

Finally, the expert recommends that you shake your towel well before and after washing before hanging them to dry. Shaking loosen the fibers so that they dry fluffy and dry. It is recommended that you dry them in a cool area under the shade as sunlight usually leaves the rough.

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