DA Heroes killed a 3year old Black child. Her Mother will never bury her child. Click to Read more

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The Democratic Alliance is a South African political party and the official opposition to the ruling African National Congress. The current leader of the party is John Steenhuisen, who was announced as the new leader on 1 November 2020. All these political parties only care about votes ,the sooner we black people realise that the better. Now Mother and 3-year old child called an Uber after being discharged from the Mahatma Ghandi hospital. Uber driver went to police to get permit. As they were driving they ran into these DA heroes, they pulled a driver out and shot at the the mother and 3-year old child, killing. How did we just let this slide. We always say we are not our parents, and we're right, they were not cowards like us.

We can never get over this clip. The pain in this woman’s voice . It’s really hard being a black person in this world. To watch the video please click the link below: https://mobile.twitter.com/danielmarven/status/1446015093418954757

In a normal country where there is fairness, equality and respect for human life, no political party would want to be associated with the Phoenix murderers, but this is South Africa where black people do not matter. DA has a worst leader, this post has collapsed the party already. We just hate DA. It seems they don't understand how we feel about the whole Phoenix massacred.

The DA party leaders showed their true colors when they designed, paid and placed these banners at the site of the Phoenix Massacre. They showed a lack of empathy when they refused to listen to the all the people saying the banners are offensive.

South Africans can we also start putting billboards written: "Those who KILL FARMERS who looted Our land are HEROES." How about that? Please leave a comment and share with others

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