What is the main problem of Ghana? Leaders or citizens?


Every town in Ghana has a chief. Every town has an Assemblyman. There are town leaders in almost every town. There are MCEs and DCEs. There are members of Parliament (MPs) in all the 275 constituencies across the country. There are Regional Ministers in all the 16 regions of the nation yet citizens are not enjoying quality life and dirt is swallowing the country.

One would ask himself, why does the country have these many leaders yet deprived of quality standard of living? If indeed these leaders were working as expected wouldn't the nation have been way ahead than we are now? (A question for the gods).

Different governments have come and gone yet the nation remains in a deplorable state.

When the covid 19 pandemic came and the government declared that there should be lock down and made sure there was lock down, everything remained locked down. No one could come out of their houses.

If same method would be applied, our cities would be very clean and tidy. 

If the same method would be applied, law and order would have been the rule of the day.

Citizens are not to be blamed that much because they are controlled by leaders. We don't blame the sheep, we blame the shepherd. The citizens must not be told to fix themselves. The shepherd fixes the flock.

We look forward to a Ghana whose many leaders would ensure that their citizens enjoy good and quality life. A Ghana clean and tidy. A Ghana of law and order. A working Ghana we all look forward to seeing.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

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