Hector Pieterson's sister says this is not what her brother died for

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He is unforgettable. We all remember the photo of a younger Hector Pieterson being carried after he was shot at some stage in anti-apartheid demonstrations at the Soweto Uprising in 1976. The photo is one of the things that need to be acknowledged by all South African generations.

Education was very important to the schoolboy which is why his household needs to proceed with the combat in his legacy.

His eldest sister Antoinette Sithole believes that his reminiscence is now not honored as it must be. She is the younger girl in Sam Nzima’s well-known picture as her brother was carried by Mbuyisa Makhubo.

She thinks what she sees today is not what her brother died for. She went on and said that there have been conflicts for higher education, and now they are not for themselves, but future generations. She says what she sees is no longer what Hector would have desired to see in our country. He would have desired us to have the first-rate training program that would enable us to compete with the quality in the world. That way, opportunities would open and possibilities would be created.

She is not happy that after so many years of democracy, there are still pupils who learn under the trees, there are human beings who still fetch water at the rivers where farm animals drink.

She understands that her voice might be too late, however promoting good education is something that she honestly desires to do.

Antoinette has been an employee at the Hector Pieterson Museum in Orlando West. The museum is simply two blocks away from the place he was shot and killed. Antoinette has been working as the museum tour guide, telling her brother’s story.

She believes that it is essential for her to push for a better education because many people died in pursuit of the same thing with her brother included.

Last month Antoinette geared up a stationery donation for Kholwani Primary School in Jabulani which has over 980 pupils and she plans to do more. 

Source: https://www.news24.com/drum/news/local/this-is-not-what-my-brother-died-for-hector-pietersons-sister-starts-campaign-for-better-education-20211007


The issue must be touching if relatives of the people we always celebrate come out of the closet to voice out their unhappiness. People regard Hector as one of the heroes, but hearing their sister saying these words makes me realize that celebrating his heroics is just an act.

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