7 Dead Ghanaian Musicians You Didn't Even Know They Are Dead.


In this article, my team and I will showcase you some of the legendary musicians in Ghana who lived up to expectation and are no more a living thing but dead now. Most of these celebrities lived to grace us with their voice and composure of the music they usually made during their time on earth.

As the saying '' Death is very wicked '' sometimes sound true to our ears because of how some of the musicians left the earth. This article is to just remind us of some of the great Legends we don't even know they are no more but not to create any kind of mindset to recall some of us the pain we went through.

Now let's check out the top list;

7 Emmanuel Tettey Mensah

Ghana's Highlife Music Collection : E.T. Mensah

Emmanuel died on 19th July 1996.

6 Terry Bonchaka

Terry Bonchaka, Biography

Terry Bonchaka left the earth on 29th October 2003.

5 Mr. A.A.A ( The shinning star )

akwasi ampofo adjei - Opera News Ghana

He also died on the year 2004.

4 Master Bob Akwaboa Kwabena

Master Bob Akwaboa – Hwemibi Nako (Vinyl) - Discogs

He died on 4th January 2004

3 Bishop Michael Osei Bonsu

The Gospel musician died on the year 2006

2 Dr. Paa Bobo

This great legend died on 28th December 2013.

1 Ebony Reigns

Ebony Reigns: Ghanaian singer who became a dancehall star before her  untimely death | The Independent | The Independent

She left through a disastrous accident on 8th February 2018.

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