Goverment And DPP Orders Immediate Arrest Of The Following Offenders

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Female general mutilation is a practice where several communities has been practicing for a long period of time. Females are the most affected people and young girl's in most communities.

Some communities who practice female genital mutilation include Maasai, Samburu Turkana, Pokot and some parts of Garrisa, Kisii among other counties has been increasing the female genital mutilation which has affected their health status as well as livelihoods.

Today, the government with collaboration with the DPP has issued a stern warning to the Kenyans especially those communities who practice FGM. According to the source, DDP said that they are warning those people who are encouraging FGM and arrest them according to the law. They added that they are going to use men in fighting and reducing FGM in the country.

"It is the men who will help win the fight against FGM. They did this in Kisii and they can do this in Garissa and other counties where FGM is prevalent in Kenya," said Jacinta Nyamosi.

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