According to your star sign this is how you like in a relationship

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Likes to take the lead and call all of the shots. Shows attraction through playfulness. Will compete for a lover, even if it's just to prove that they can get them


Stability in relationships is important. Attracted to those with a secure job, financial status, etc. Shows attraction by taking care of you and taking on your responsibilities. Not too adventurous in love, likely to be married for a long time, committed


One day they're into you, the next they're not. Shows attraction by communicating/trying to make you laugh. Likely to get bored easily in relationships, commitment issues


Hopeless romantics, show attraction through nurturing and coddling. Likely to do whatever necessary to make their partner happy


Attracted to people that will benefit their image. Demand the full attention of their lover. Will only give 100% in a relationship if they worship you/ put you on a pedestal, otherwise they'll look for attention elsewhere

Hesitant to open up emotionally/ admit they have feelings for you. Likely to be aloof in love; show their love by helping you and "grooming" you


Love and relationships are important to them. Very dependant, will pour themselves into their partner. Likely to do whatever necessary to keep the peace/ keep their partner happy. Not argumentative


Love very hard, attracted to mysterious people. Immerse themselves completely into the people they love. Likely to be somewhat controlling/possessive


Seeks adventure and someone they can learn from and keep them interested. Gets bored easily and likely to leave quickly if there's no excitement - sees relationships as a way to expand themselves and their experiences


Likely to get married early/ be in a very traditional relationship. Tend to value monogamy and consistency. Shows attraction by involving you in their lives


Sees a romantic partnership as highly evolved best friendship. Can appear to be emotionally detached/oblivious but highly values their partners


Immerse themselves completely into people, fall in love very quickly. Willing to be told what to do in a relationship as it takes the pressure off of them

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