Nigerian Cross Dresser, Buchi Alexandra, Flaunts His Beauty On IG

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Buchi Alexandra is among the Nigerian cross dresser that is causing waves on social media. He has taken to social media platform to showcase his lovely dress.

Six photos of Buchi surfaced online and it has triggered reactions on social media. His outfit and body curves has proven he is a fashionista with swag. Ladies are emulating his fashion sense on social media.

Do you want to look attractive like Buchi? If yes, you have to be determined and outstanding. As a lady, you are expected to upgrade your wardrobe monthly because it attracts attention.

In today's update, we will be looking at some wardrobe collection of Buchi. If you wish to sew any of the styles above, kindly scrutinize the picture below.  

For you to sew the style perfectly well, you need to give your material to a professional tailor to sew in other not to get your dress damaged.

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