Sultana: Kokan Regrets For Not Buying Any Gift To Sultana, Plans To Stay Away From the Village

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Tomorrow's episode Kokan is worried and it's seem he is crying. Kokan regrets that he never bought any gift to sultan for those years they have being together. Kokan thinks his is duty to buy for Sultana gifts and not Jabali Junior.

Kokan can't believe the woman she has being loving another man has bought her many gifts. He thinks Sultana was the only hope to marry her but other men have started to like her. Kokan thinks it's better to leave the village and stays far alone.

Sultana comes to visit him and Kokan will be surprised because he didn't expect Sultana. Sultana tells him that he once told her that if she was lucky to see she could not like a man like him. Sultana tells Kokan that she wants to feel his burnt face and know how big is it. Kokan will just wake up and leave. Sultana will not believe Kokan has left her.

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