Congregants protest sacking of member of Clergy over marital separation in Othaya, Nyeri County

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Earlier today worshipers at the ACK St. John Gichami church in Othaya, Nyeri County, on Sunday staged a protest against the firing of their church leader Archdeacon John Gachau over his marital status.

They worshipers are said to have walked to Gachau’s home and brought him to church to lead them in a church service. 

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While singing and dancing, the congregants vowed that they will not let the bishop fire the clergy over failure to set his house in order. 

Gachau is separated from his wife and according to the church, he has an alternative of getting another wife within 6 months.

The worshipers who displayed placards that read “Wives are not bought in the supermarket” dismissed a letter purported to have originated from Mt. Kenya West Bishop Joseph Kagunda, asking Gachau to hand over the parish to another member of the clergy.

Once they got to the church, they asked the archdeacon to take over and lead them to which he agreed.

According to James Wachira, a member of the church, the congregants vowed to disobey their bishop alleging that he could have a personal vendetta against their church leader.

Another church member said that they will not allow any other minister, including the Bishop, to take over the parish from Gachau while threatening that they are willing to split for the ACK Mt Kenya West diocese if they will not be allowed to have Gachau lead them.

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It is not the first time Gachau has lost his job, he had been interdicted but was reinstated by the courts.

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