"Mbona Ukaitisha Omosh 500?" Manzi Wa Kibera Asked As She Claims To Charge 700K For 'Her Goodies'


Kibera based video vixen and upcoming socialite Manzi Wa Kibera has left Kenyans trolling her after she revealed her charges.

The socialite was on Question and Answer Instagram session when she was asked how much she is paid per night.

She was quick to reply that she requires seven hundred thousands Kenya shillings only.

She did not clarify the 700k was for performing at a night show in a club or entertainment joints.

But according to most comments by her fans, the charges are for private adult session or commercial selling of her goodies.

Mpasho news shared her revelation on their page and Kenyans had these hilarious comments.

Most joked that the k was silent and it means she charges just seven hundred shillings only.

Others asked how comes she asked Omosh to return his five hundred shillings she claimed to have contributed.

Ndungu Nguro: Yes the K is silent.

Arap Kobilo: And she was requesting Omosh to refund 500 that she contributed.

Ferro Lewis: Is it 700ksh or 700k.

Samson Ndambuki: 700k to do what?

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