Do Not Complain About Market For Your Goats, Instead Try The Following Strategies



These are people who bridge the gap between the farmer and the market or customers. As farmer you agree with them on the amount you'll pay them after bringing buyers to you.However, you should be careful not to give them your goats to take them to the market as many turn out to be conmen.By using them relieves the time to waste going rounds looking for potential buyers and market.


In case selling a live goat becomes a problem, you can try slaughtering them and open a butchery to sell from.Since the demand outweighs the supply of goat meat,that creates an opportunity for farmers to venture and tap into the customers.


As a farmer,you can approach the managers of hotels,cafeterias and restaurants. Talk to them about your goat meat and the reason why they should buy yours.If you have a convincing point and win their hearts,them you can be lucky to be their suppliers.

Finally, you cannot sit and complain about everything. Every business has ups and downs starting from capital to the market of the final product.And as a farmer you have to explore every means available including using market days in your area and also digging deep into your pocket to pay for advertisements of your goat and their products.