See What This Hausa Muslim Lady Posted That Got People Talking. Photos


Social media has become a place where young guys and ladies go, to catch cruise, flex, showcase their talents, beauty, figures etc.

It is a tools which the young generation are using to announce themselves, to the world either in a negative or positive ways.

Before now, hardly can you see a Hausa Muslim lady, posting her pictures on social media with some funny captions but unfortunately, that has changed very fast as they now flaunt what God give them on social media.

A Hausa lady twitter user who goes by the name, Golden Girl, has taken to the microblogging site, to post her beautiful pictures as she announced that she needs a boyfriend, who will be given her what she deserves.

This tweet from the Hausa lady, caught many by surprise as people took to the comment section of her tweet, to advise her as well as lambast her for daring to post such a picture and caption, on social media.

See screenshots of some of the reactions she got

Most of the twitter users calling her to order are Muslims from the northern parts of the country.