Dear ladies, if he does these 7 things, he is a fake.


To know whether the love in your relationship is genuine or not, here are some of the signs you should look for.

For example, a fake partner wants to take you to parties with them to make them look stable and happy for their successful friends. They may want to have a false relationship status with SM, but you can just be a cup girl

Realizing that love in your relationship is ake, here are some things to keep in mind:

His Conversations you are dry

Not only do they listen to you like we said above, t but they also put forth long efforts to have fruitful conversations with you. Relationships are built on stimulating conversations that keep you close to someone else's personality.

However, in a false relationship, conversations are tedious and not desirable enough. There is no natural progression in the conversation and it comes out as a deliberate and systematic attempt.

He is not emotionally involved

In a relationship, fraudsters have a habit of not communicating. They will give a little less of an impact on what is happening in their lives. They will also make excuses as to why they have not been able to "communicate" especially if it is difficult to do so.

The difference between them and someone who truly loves you is the extra effort that is needed to get there.

You are the only one who makes all the effort

Are you always planning things? See someone else? Take responsibility and all that? If so, what consensus, if any, did your partner make? Where is their effort?

Relationships and compromises are like two peas in a pot. Lack of effort is a global sign of indifference - and relationships are no different.

4. He doesn't care about you

Genuine relationships evoke romantic feelings for each other. You will be curious, anxious, involved, and so on in everything else s, someone else does.

The person who continues to act carelessly is not involved, is likely to be separated, and is not eligible - not to mention the inappropriate - of a real relationship.

He pays little attention to what you say

“Do you remember the story I told you when I went to Amsterdam?” - If you say things like that, chances are they won't know what you're talking about. When a person is not interested in you, he or she will fail to be interested in what you are telling him or her.

In that case,f you tell them a false relationship saying, "Don't use someone for your benefit because you don't know how painful it is when they come to know the truth," you will not be registered.

He never told her parents about you

When relationships are serious or on the verge of achieving something of greater importance people often enjoy introducing their partners to their families. Incorporating someone important to your life translates into adding and including them to the entire crazy group. However, one of the signs that his love is not real is if he does not bother to make you reunite with family.

There is no love after sex

It is hard to say whether I,n a false relationship, sex suffers or not. It can still be confusing even if there is no emotional connection. However, the intimacy a person shares when sex is over is different.

He may like sex, but he may not like it at all. Crushing the sheets, bringing you coffee to bed, or laughing out loud and cracking old jokes, are things they may not want to do once the action is done. They may simply zip up and go out. He just pretends to love you.