One of the best vegetable in the world which we never knew it is important to our health.


This is a powerhouse vegetable, with the presence of essential nutrients including antioxidants, protein, fibre vitamins and minerals. It can be used for cooking also consume as the dry berry season with salt and spices.


It helps improve bone function.

vitamins, copper and other important nutrients present in turkey berries help to improve osteoporosis and bone degredation. And also helps to increase bone mineral density of strength.

It is use treat anaemia.

Anemia occurs due to inadequate intake of iron. And it's associated with symptoms like fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath. Turkey berries are rich in iron and use it to prevent iron deficiency causing anemia.

It lowers blood pressure

Compounds in turkey berries serve as natural way to lower blood pressure, compound such as gallic acid, ferulic acid which have very strong antioxidants and antiflamatory properties.

Promotes healthy immune system.

Turkey berries has antimicrobial properties, for helping cuts and ulcers and helping wounds clean.

Promotes kidney function.

Turkey berry is a proven remedy for renal disorders such as kidney stones.

A portion of the turkey berries in a your routine meals detoxify the kidney natural, facilitates bowel bladder movement and uplifting renal health.

Safeguard against infection.

Turkey berries has vitamin C present in it, saves the body from allergies,chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension and seasonal infection such as flu.


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