Meet Joshua, A forty-five year old ghanaian man who claims, he is the saviour(Christ).

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Mr. Joshua,a forty-five year ghanaian man claims he is the Jesus Christ a lot of people have been waiting for.

He was questioned by a journalist of TV Africa at Berekum and he gave out these details.

He said, he is the Jesus Christ a lot of people has been waiting for. He added, he once travelled to Senegal and there he had a religious dream. In his speech, he saw Jesus Christ in his dream and noticed that, a new being is now found in his body. From there, he got to believe that Jesus Christ is found in his body and must come back to Ghana to testify that, he is the saviour.

Mr. Joshua said people should stop waiting for the saviour because he is the saviour and this is the end time.

See the photo of the man who claims to be the saviour, found at Berekum surfaces.

To be continued.....

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