Kenyans React To Boniface Mwangi's Tweet Concerning Mbagathi Hospital Employees.

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Boniface Mwangi who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that Hey @fnoluga, so some Mbagathi Hospital employees go for lunch at 12?We are at the Eye clinic and we are been told to wait for someone who has gone for lunch. It’s 12:20pm, they left earlier. If gods didn’t exist, government staff would be demanding we worship them for serving us.

Moseti tweeted, "Brother @bonifacemwangi, hapa my kin delivered just on the veranda at 1am at night. The baby is okay but the mother is suffering from a condition due to prolonged labour. We are now struggling to raise medical bills. God above all, nevertheless."

Peter tweeted, "Am just from Mbagathi and I have been told the earliest my P3 form can be filled is April. This is after visiting Nairobi Area traffic and being informed that they no longer have a doctor there so I should go to Mbagathi."

Kinyanjui tweeted, "Kenya police defending the hospital: We have seen allegations on social media that MH officers do not work at noon. We want to make it clear that @bonifacemwangi could not see the officers, the reason he had gone to the Eye Clinic is to have his vision checked."

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