“My Boyfriend Always Wants To Have Intercourse With Me From My Backside.” 24-Year-Old Slay Queen Reveals…

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Love is indeed an unexplainable feeling. However, you will be surprised by the kinds of things people do and endure all in the name of love.

A young slay queen by the name Thelma, but popularly known as Ama Rasti has shared an appalling challenge she is facing in her relationship with her boyfriend. She currently attends the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

According to Thelma, she and her boyfriend started dating 2 months ago. They have been happy ever since. Her boyfriend is very caring and sweet but they always have a misunderstanding when it comes to their sexual lives.

She narrated that; every time she spends the night with her boyfriend, her boyfriend tries to intercourse with her from her backside. “He always gets angry every time I try to prevent him from sleeping with me from my backside.” She added.

Thelma is now in a dilemma and she doesn’t know what to do now. Her boyfriend provides her with everything she needs and she loves him very much but she dislikes the fact that her boyfriend prefers to have sex with her from her backside.

What do you think she should do?

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