4 Potential Risks Of Coconut Water

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Coconut Water is likely safe for both adults and children when consumed moderately according to WebMD, a medical online site. Despite it's huge benefits there are some minor or potential risk of coconut water. Below are some of the potential risk.

1. Sodium Content:

A cup of coconut water contains 252mg of sodium, which accounts for 17 percent of your daily recommended sodium intake. For most people this should not be a concern. But if you are suffering from any heart ailments, high blood pressure or any other medical condition that prescribes low sodium diet, then you should be careful about the high sodium levels before incorporating it in your routine.

2. Electrolyte Imbalance

Coconut water has high levels of potassium of the order of 600mg per serving. Potassium is an important electrolyte that is usually lacking in the diets of most Americans. Though this is generally considered a plus when consumed in moderation and lowers blood pressure and risks of heart diseases. But excess of coconut water and thus potassium levels in a short period of time can trigger a condition called hyperkalemia. The general signs are abnormal heart rhythm variations and muscle contractions. Untreated high potassium levels can be life threatening.

3. High Blood Pressure:

Chances are coconut water will lower your blood pressure. If you are taking prescription medicines for regulating your blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor first, as they might interfere with the medications.

4. Possible Reactions:

Coconuts have recently been classified as a tree nut raising concerns among people allergic to tree nuts. There have been a few reported incidents where people with nut allergies had a bad reaction from coconut. But the cases are rare and in people with acute allergies. But if you are worried, talk to your doctor first






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