Senator Reveals Why Mt Kenya People Are Key Beneficiaries in Any Government as Wetang'ula Fires Back


Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru has revealed why Mt Kenya people are key beneficiaries in the government provoking Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula to react.

According to Senator Kibiru, he has said that it should not be mistakened that the Mt Kenya region is being favored by the Building Bridges Initiative or the government of the day explaining that what makes the people from his region reap big in every government is their hard work.

Senator Kibiru has set the record straight that Mt Kenya people are robust and hardworking warning critics to stop claiming that the people from the Mt Region are highly favored.

"So when every time and then they're just trying to say like Mt Kenya is unfairly benefitting, we feel slated. We are Kenyans like any other person and we have a right to be Kenyan," Sen. Charles Kibiru said.

"I want to tell the people who wake up now and then, trying to propagate some propaganda that Mt Kenya is benefitting...we don't benefit, we work hard. This should be on the record, that Mt Kenya works hard and we should never be seen as being favored by anybody," Sen. Charles Kibiru added.

Senator Moses Wetangula has however bot very overwhelmed by the Kirinyaga Senator's remarks informing Mr. Kibiru that he should stop making such insinuations which tends to show that other communities are sidelined for not working hard.

"Is Sen. Kibiru in order to make very reckless insinuations? In law, we say "expression unius est exclusio alterius" which means to specify one is to exclude others. When he says that Mt Kenya people work hard, he means that other Kenyans don't work hard," Moses Wetang'ula said.