Police were sh0cked by what they found after they stopped a suspicious Toyota Hilux in JOBURG

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The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) K9 Unit have gotten the fruitful capture of two male suspects between the ages of 26 and 32, they were tracked down in possession of a stolen vehicle and an unlicensed firearm.

As per the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department News report, yesterday, Tuesday, 24 May 2022 the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) individuals got data from a Tracker of a Toyota Hilux that was accounted for to be seized in Evaton.

The JMPD officials circled back to this data and it drove them at Tjotjombeni Informal Settlement in Grasmere were they recognized the stolen vehicle involved by two guys, the suspects were told to stop and an exhaustive pursuit was led inside the vehicle.

They found an unlicensed 38 exceptional pistol firearm and five live ammunition, the two suspects matured 26 and 32 were promptly positioned in custody and confined at Ennerdale SAPS, they will before long show up in court to deal with indictments for possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle and hijacking.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=383586273797805&id=100064393074151


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