Unexpected Facts That Astounds Everyone In The World


In Ancient Rome, rich people had feasts with a special meal: a chicken inside a duck inside a goose, placed inside a pig that was inside a cow.

Some frogs like the Leopard frog, use their eyes in order to push food down their esophagus, they pull their eyes into their skull, pushing the food in their mouth.

Genghis Khan was the he first person who had a huge impact on Earth's climate where more than 40 million people died during his conquests. The lands previously used for growing plants were occupied by trees that consumed 700 million tons of carbon that led to a drop of temperature on our planet.

Because of Shakespeare, about 1,700 new words appeared in the English language. To add on that, he was the person who created the name, Jessica.

The reason why shoelaces on boots and sneakers constantly untie is that, while you're walking, the laces are under a 7 g-force which means that the pressure on them is 7 times more than normal. In order to really understand how much it is, try to recall your last rollercoaster experience. During a sharp turn, people experience a 6.3 g-force.

Scientists believes that freshly cut grass has a certain smell because the plants have a reaction to the mechanical damage. The purpose of the smell is to warn other grass of the upcoming danger.

This condition is called Polydactyly, and it can be genetically inherited from the parents to offspring.

The filling between the waffles in a KitKat is made of other KitKats that were not accepted because of the imperfect shape of bubbles in the chocolate.

The Ring of Fire is the area on the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean where there are 328 out of the 540 active volcanos on the planet along with 75 of all earthquakes and eruptions in the world.

The danger of using an air conditioner right after starting a car is overblown.

There was an online rumor which claims that if you left your car parked in shade (let alone in the sunlight on a hot day), when you entered the car and turned on the air conditioner, you'd breathe in a dangerous toxin called benzene. You can avoid serious health issues (skin problems, liver, and kidney dysfunction), by opening the windows right after you start driving according to the source of the rumor, just for a couple of minutes to ventilate the air. But there is scientific proof that this is just an overblown concern. The American Chemical Society gave out a report that concluded there is no dangerous amount of benzene in parked cars.

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