Simple Online Jobs That Can Earn You Over 40k Mothly


Though it's not that simple to earn money online, if someone is determined then online is a safe and good source of extra income that one can make despite where they are since you just need an internet connection.

Online Writing

Due to the high unemployment in our country, many especially the youth have turned to this opportunity, to make their end meet. Just like any other job, online writing requires someone committed and hard-working since the more you work the more you earn, and vice versa. some online writers take home 200k to 400k depending on their level of experience. You just need a computer and an Internet-connect.

Remo task

Though this is not that popular in our country, its users do earn good money out of it. But before you start you need to be trained on how to go about it which take you only one week and start earning. After passing your test then you're ready for a paid task which is paid weekly on your Paypal account which you can withdraw to your Mpesa


though working on YouTube may take long before you start earning unless you have a large number of followers on your social media accounts. You just need to create a YouTube channel and have at least 1k subscribe and 4000 watch hours to monetize your channel.