Is He Still Right? - See What Sowore Said About Goodluck Jonathan's Administration 6 Years Ago.


Is He Still Right? - See What Sowore Said About Goodluck Jonathan 6 Years Ago.

Omoyele Sowore is a human rights activist, former presidential candidate, pro-democracy campaigner and also the founder of an online news agency, The Sahara Reporters.

On 3 August ,2019 Sowore was arrested by the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS) for alleged treason after he called for a protest with the tag RevolutionNow.

He has been known to be a bold reporter who speaks his truth without fear of the government and this has resulted in a threat to his life most times.

Sowore was interviewed by premium times on 12 July, 2014. It was in this interview that he gave a rundown of how he felt about the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan as at that year.

When he was asked about his opinions and thoughts about President Goodluck, he told premium times that the president was very incompetent in handing all the problems he had while he was in office.

He, even went further to compare Jonathan's regime with Abacha's by stating that Abacha was a better leader.

In his own words, he said.

"In an order of successive administration's in my lifetime I think this would be the worst in terms of delivery of services, organization, style of government, transparency, economic management and security.

.... Abacha was worse but within that framework you can see that Abacha regime is actually better than Jonathan regime.... ".

When premium times interviewer told him that Goodluck was building the Abuja airport road, he said that the road was awarded by Yar'adua and not Jonathan. So technically he meant that road won't be built had Yar'adua not awarded the project.

Photo credit: Premium Times

From all Sowore said, it was clear he summarized Jonathan's regime to be the worst. But looking at the present now, will he have a change of words or does he still maintain his stand.

Most Nigerians would like to know what he would have to say about the present administration when being compared with Jonathan's.

Do you think Jonathan's administration is still the worst?. Do you still agree with Sowore?.

Share your thoughts below.