CBC Implementation Faces Tough Task After Court Ruling

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The court rulling today which certified CBC petition as urgent and raising substantial issues hands CBC a tough task for survival. In a petition filed by LSK president Nelson Havi, CBC is challenged all the way from policing to implementation.

Havi, raises issues of legality and importance of the CBC program. So far, the curriculum is at grade five of primary schools. Competency based curriculum is a program which is set to replace the 8:4:4 system. This program was rolled some time back and is being implemented by the ministry of education.

Stakeholders claim they were not consulted on the system however some are in support of it. Those opposed to it have gone to court to challenge the curriculum.

With Havi saying the curriculum is expensive and is bringing the burden back to parents. They are forced to buy alot of items and even forced to cater for the implementation cost through purchase, printing and even transportation to school.

This hearing is supposed to be heard in 7th December 2021. Thanks.

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