Your Bad Breath Might Be An Indicator Of An Underlying Disease.


Many people have had bad breath but they have not understood what are the causes of it. Although some bad breath might be because of eating strong foods like onions and garlic, food particles trapped in the teeth or mouth combined with bacteria, decaying food producing bad odor. There are other causes that really need medical attention.

We have some diseases of the gums particularly if you haven't remove hardened food particles promptly on your teeth which later result in periodontal disease. This is an obvious observation that many people know.

Here are some underlying diseases that one might be having but not aware, the only thing that can be generally noticed is bad breath.

1.Mucus moving down the throat particularly when they are thick, a condition known as postnatal drainage. This makes one to produce bad breath.

2.Building of mucus in the tubes that carry air to and from the lungs which results to a disease called Bronchitis.

3.Kidney disease, bad breath will be an indication because of excessive urea in the bloodstream.

4.Incresed ketones, this is mainly condition that cause bad breath and indicates that you are diabetic.

5.When the food fluid flows back from the stomach or acidic stomach juices flow back causes a bad breath. This is a medical condition called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

It is therefore imperative to have medical check up in order to establish the real cause of your bad breath, never assume because this may result in a worse condition.