Condolences From Fellow Musicians Pouring in for DMX WHO Passed at Age 50

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About a week ago, DMX was admitted to hospital after he suffered a heart attack at his home. Many people prayed for him, wishing the rapper a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as the 50 year old passed on .

Following his death, messages of condolences started coming in from fellow musicians as well as from beyond music industry.

His death was confirmed by his family in a statement which they released.

Here are some of celebrity tweets paying homage to the fallen star.

TI posted the image above and captioned it "Rest in peace to a cultural icon. There are no words that can mend the loss the hip hop community felt today. #RIPDMX."

His label , Def Jam said in a statement they were "deeply and profoundly saddened by the loss of our brother 'Earl DMX Simmons.

DMX suffered a heart attack about a week ago after an alleged drug overdose at his home.

Thanks for reading up to this far. Stay Safe and Happy covid still kills.

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