The Only Thing Chelsea Need To Do To Qualify To The Final


Chelsea took on real Madrid last night in the first leg of Uefa champions league semi final which ended 1-1 drew, Chelsea have a Big advantage of away goal and the second leg of the semifinal will be played next week at Stanford bridge and with this one away goal all Chelsea need in the second Leg is goalless draw. If in any way they can play the second leg without real Madrid scoring any goal then chelsea will be in The final. but stopping Real Madrid from scoring is another big tax that Chelsea will strongly need to work on it.

Madrid know so well that goalless draw will end their dream of reaching The final and with that in mind they will do any thing possible to get a goal in Stanford bridge. Although in the first leg they didn't created a lot of chances like Chelsea do, most of the time they stayed at the back waiting for counter attack throughout the match but luckily enough the got one or two chances and they capitalised it and got a single goal which Chelsea also got one goal out the several chances the created.

(The only thing Chelsea need to do is to stop Real Madrid from scoring).

So in the second leg it will be good enough if Chelsea can score as many goals as possible but all they have to do is to never allow Real Madrid to get even a single goal by then Chelsea will come out with Big Joy, Remember, if the second leg ended with 2-2 draw Chelsea will be out and Madrid will qualify to the final, if it ended 2-1 in favor of Chelsea then Chelsea will still qualify to the final.

And real Madrid will be out. So that is how it goes, Chelsea must try and stop real Madrid from scoring by all miss and even though Madrid will score it should be Chelsea 2-1 Madrid or Chelsea 3-2 Madrid and mistakingly it ended 1-1 there will be an extra time of 30 minutes and after the extra time if no goal scores then that is when the penalty will come in by then those with Luck will take the day.

If in any way Real Madrid send Chelsea out, Timo Werner should be very ready to take the blames upon himself because of the chances he missed in the First leg, He missed a lot of golden opportunities which shoulder have been converted. Imagine, he converted all those chances the pressure will be only on Real Madrid but failed to capitalised those opportunities has even makes the chance of qualifying very wide and open for the both teams. What ever happans that is a game of football some times it goes with luck. But in the next Leg, Olivier Giroud should start ahead of him (Timo Werner).

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