Do you know that becoming a Catholic priest takes the highest number of years to study?


Becoming a Catholic priest is one of the profession which is not quite easy. There are tendencies for parents not approving the request of their children to become Catholic priests and if one finally gains the opportunity of been admitted into the seminary school, he might also be withdrawn if found guilty for one or two offences even though he has spent a longer years of study.

Becoming a Catholic priest is also a profession even though is under the religious perspective because it takes a rigorous academic qualification and systematic procedures before achieving it.

To study to become a Catholic priest, it takes the highest number of years compared to medicine/surgery, nursing, radiographer, medical laboratory scientists and so on.

Becoming a priest takes a period of 9 years. The first four years is for philosophy degree, while the other four years is for their theological studies.

This will enable them obtaining legal certificates which they can use to gain employment if they are unfortunately expelled from the seminary.

After the eight years for their philosophy and theological studies, they will therefore be ordained as deacons in the church.

They will use the last one year to serve as deacon before they are finally ordained as priests by the Bishop thereby making it completing nine years of studies.