"It Turns You Into A Zombie." The Substance In White Plastic Cups Most Rappers Are Addicted To.

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If You are are a fan of hip hop or it's alternative genre trap music, then you probably have noticed that rappers like carrying white double plastic cups in their music videos. From Lil Wayne, to Future Young Thug, Chris Brown and Rick Ross, all have been photographed with lean at hand. The stuff that is poured in the white cups is known as lean or Sizzurp. The drink is a mixture of promethazine or codeine cough syrup and a soft drink preferably Sprite.

The substance is classified as highly addictive and it's usually very expensive to obtain. Codeine or promethazine cough syrups are only sold with a prescription from a doctor Most International rappers are well connected and have the money to buy them. When the cough syrup is mixed with Sprite it forms a purple substance that is usually poured in the white plastic cups and it's what is referred to as lean.

Rappers prefer to sip the lean from double plastic cups and add ice to it to make it cold. The double cups help keep the drink cold by preventing heat from the hands getting to it. Drinking lean how now turned into a culture in the hip hop community with upcoming rappers drawing inspiration from their mentors who not only rap about the drink but also consume it.

The substance gets one high enough to stay awake but totally unaware of what's going around them. Most rappers refer to this state of mind as being faded or being so far gone.

Famous rappers like Future and Young thug are ever rapping about lean in their music and also drinking it. Lean sipping is now deeply rooted in the rap culture and has taken a toll on the health of our favourite rappers. Young thug looks a pale shadow of his former self while Lil Wayne doesn't even resemble a human being anymore.

Lean has also lead many young budding rappers to an early grave. From Lil peep, to Mac Miller and recently Juice World.

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