TUCHEL: The Biggest Match Is Approaching.


As manager addressed his final media conference before the Champions League final, Thomas Tuchel was in a pleasant mood, claiming that the stress was growing naturally ahead of the biggest game in European football.

The Blues face Manchester City in the Estadio do Dragao on Saturday evening for the most coveted title in European football, and Tuchel spoke to journalists via video call for the final time this season on Porto's home soil.

The team had had a relaxed day in the Portuguese sunshine after traveling from London yesterday afternoon before exercising at the stadium this evening. Even though the magnitude of the occasion has been more difficult to ignore, preparations have gone smoothly.

‘We had to be very focused yesterday because we had a tactical session, therefore it was done the way we always do tactical sessions,' the manager explained.

‘I don't want to pretend that this is a typical week because it isn't, and everyone has different feelings about it, but we've arrived and the countdown has begun for a big, big match, possibly Europe's biggest match.

‘We need to get it perfect because it's a really exciting, very tough week mentally and physically.'


The players had utilized their downtime to relax and reconnect with their passion for football, according to Tuchel, before of a game in which lifelong ambitions may be realized.

He went on to say, 'Today was a pretty calm day.' ‘We had the opportunity to spend some quality time in a lovely hotel with lovely weather, to relax and breathe for a while.'

‘It was a chance for us to reconnect with our core, our love and passion for the game, which we all shared as children.' The tension is naturally increasing, and if you can wish for something, we don't want to come in the end over-excited or under-excited, or to pretend to be calm when you aren't.

‘When you're nervous, the best thing you can do is admit your feelings. You're not the only one; perhaps the coach is as well, and you can take use of it to perform at your best. Just admit it: pressure is sometimes a huge boost and sometimes a massive back pack to carry.

‘Some words may be helpful, but let us be ourselves since we are a powerful group.' As long as we do things together, we have genuine trust and belief in what we do and what we are capable of. Everyone will be here as a strong Chelsea group to take the next step and win this cup.'


Chelsea's manager was also questioned if his experiences in last season's final, albeit on the losing side as Paris Saint-Germain were defeated by Bayern Munich, would be valuable nine months later.

While Tuchel admitted that he and his staff had learned lessons from that heartbreaking defeat, he also believed it was less important now that he was at a new club with fresh challenges.

He responded, 'It's a new team and a completely different situation.' ‘If I were a player, I wouldn't want my coach to discuss his personal experiences from the previous year.' That is not going to help me.

‘We could use, share, and develop from this experience if we had it collectively, but it was only for myself and my crew.' In coaching, experience is vital, and after every match, I'm smarter since this is the demand I place on myself.

"WE HAVE HAD EVERYTHING THIS SEASON, A LOT OF PEOPLE DOUBT US, BUT WE'RE IN THE UCL FINAL," CESAR AZPILICUETA says. But I don't believe we can draw a line and say, "This is the important point where we went wrong, and this is what we need to learn and do to make it happen." As coaches, we need to adapt with each match, and this was a huge part of it.

'We think we've come a long way.' We've played six Champions League matches together, and Frank [Lampard] had a terrific group stage with Chelsea, so we know we've fought hard to get here, and we know we're not satisfied yet.

‘The final phase is what we want to do. We've come to win, even though we're minor underdogs, but that doesn't change anything. We want to close the gap and take the trophy away from Porto.'

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