Tension as Angered Mt Kenya Aspirants Call Crisis Meeting to Discuss Decamping Kenya Kwanza

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The deputy president William Ruto's recent campaign tour to the mountain region has fueled divisions in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance as a group of aspirants who felt sidelined from the rally call for an emergency meeting to discuss quitting the Alliance.

Reports have emerged that the deputy president William Ruto's mount Kenya allies in the UDA party have began discriminating against other aspirants from other parties affiliated to the Kenya Kwanza Alliance outfit.

Allegedly, aspirants not part of UDA but within Kenya Kwanza outfit were discriminated against in Ruto's recent mount Kenya tour as they were in some occasions denied chances to address the rallies.

During the rally, UDA national leaders and heavyweights fully focused themselves in campaigning for UDA aspirants and locked out other aspirants to the extent of denying them a chance to address the crowds.

The most affected aspirants were those from Mwangi Kiunjuri's TSP party who have accused UDA of insincerity. TSP party Secretary General Mr Waithaka Kirika while speaking to Nation Africa accused UDA of preaching water but drinking wine.

The aspirants most of whom are from TSP have claimed that the tour may have destroyed their chances of winning as they were painted as not part of Kenya Kwanza. As a result, they have called for an emergency to discuss quitting the alliance and find their way forward.

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