Why Retiring Governors And Those With Issues In Their Counties Have Rushed To Raila's Camp

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Yesterday marked a very special day in Azimio La Umoja where a group of 30 governors showed their interest in Azimio La Umoja backing Raila. While DP Ruto is currently having only 10 governors, Raila showed off his bunch of 30 governors who vowed to move with Raila. However, it has emerged that most of these governors have served two terms and are now expected to be going home.

Looking at the squad, the squad that was presented is comprised of outgoing fellows who have spotted something good on Raila's side. He said that most of these governors still want jobs and joining Raila seems to be a sure bet.

"Some of the governors, constitutionally on the way out, are looking for jobs and hitching on Raila looks like a sure bet while others are shaky, not sure of re-election, hence looking for direction," USIU Prof Munene argued.

It is said that Raila has the blessings of President Uhuru Kenyatta making it look easier for Raila. Most of the governors in Raila's camp are having issues with their people thus not sure if they will be re-elected.

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