Zora Citizen TV: Talia Admits her Love for Madiba After Nana Accepting His Marriage Proposal

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Talia who is the late Alma's twin sister came back to Kenya from abroad filled with rage and anger. This after discovering that her sister had been murdered by a member of the Chibale family. In the next episode that you are just about to watch, you will see her visiting her sister's grave. Talia confessed that she was in love with Madiba and no spirit of revenge anymore. The big question is that is she ready to fight for her love on Madiba?

Just still in the upcoming episode, you will see Madiba taking a great step in life. He went straight to Nana's place and proposed to her. Anyone could read Nana's joy even as she stared at the beautiful ring on her finger given by Madiba. He made it clear to her that he had made a resolution and all his eyes will be on her. Madiba reminded Aunt Loretta in the hospital that he don't want anything to do with Zora anymore.

It seems like Madiba believes that Zora was behind Aunt Loretta's accident that is why he proposed to Nana. You will understand that he doesn't love Nana after watching his conversation with Kwame. He also revealed that he proposed to Nana because it was the right thing to do since he was expecting a baby with her. Now we have Zora, Nana and Talia, who will win Madiba?

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