Streetism In Ghana Is An Issue We Must Address


Streetism is a social canker that has become a bane on the social and and economic life of the nation. It has persisted for a very long time without any conscious effort by the state to lessen it.

However, we cannot sit there as a nation without doing anything about Streetism. We need to expedite action to ensure that if we cannot totally eradicate it , it could be reduced to the barest minimum.

Street Children are those children, usually below the age of 18, who by any reason find themselves on the streets and naively consider those places as their abode or source of livelihood.

These children are mostly found in big towns and cities such as Accra ,Kumasi and Takoradi fending for them selves. Other Children have homes but because of financial constraints that their parents face, they are being compelled to go out and fend for them selves.

Several factors contribute to Streetism in Ghana. They include poverty, domestic violence, broken homes, death of parents, famine or displacement, overcrowding due to urbanization, sexual abuse ,but to mention just a few.

60% of the street Children who were interviewed in Accra recently, said that they were on the street because their parents do not have the financial muscle to cater for thier basic needs. As a result they are have dropped out of school, therefore the street serves as the only resort to fend for themselves.

Streetism In Ghana gives us the valiancy to ask whether those who we elected us politicians for them to imrove our living standard are doing their job or not, there is know doubt that some of the street children have some hidden potential which only education and training can unravel it to the interest of the nation but Streetism will rather jeopardize their future. So we are sending a humble ply to the government authorities who are in charge to come to their aid for better future.

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